How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles?


How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

Most of us want to keep our surroundings and the place we live free from insects, bugs and some creatures. To keep our house clean we use mosquito repellants, all out, hit sprays and many more. We all may have noticed holes in the clothes, pieces of furniture, and in some carpets. The reason behind this is the insect beetles. They are the small creatures which are in large numbers. Beetles bites are so harmful and can be poisonous unless the human is allergic. Beetles live everywhere. There are different types of beetles all over the world. Carpet Beetles is one among of them. They eat natural fibers like wool blankets, natural, and feathers. The best thing is that they won’t bite anyone. In today’s article, we are going to discuss how to get rid of carpet beetles.

#1 Facts About Rug Beetles:

These are the most dangerous beetle to most of the homeowners. They love to live near humans where food is easily accessible. They are present under the cabinets, baseboards, and furniture. They eat furniture, leather, clothing, blankets, pet food, crumbs, and dead insects. They are available in different forms so at first, we have to find how will they look. Let us know about this.

#2 How To Identify A Carpet Beetle?

Carpet Beetles are of many types. They are Varied Carpet Beetle, Furniture Carpet Beetle, and the Black Carpet Beetle.

#1 Varied Carpet Beetle:

They are known as the Anthrenus verbasci. With the size of 0.25cm, these are the smallest of the carpet beetles. They are usually in black or brown color with flecks of white on their backs. They also have a slightly rounded shell.

#2 Furniture Carpet Beetle:

They are known as Anthrenus flavipes cousins of the Varied Rug Beetle. They are larger around 0.3- 0.5cm and have a more rounded shell which is light brown speckled with black and white markings.

#3 Black Carpet Beetle:

They are known as Attegenus unicolor. The size of this is 0.2-1 cm in length. They are a bit different among all and shells are either solid brown or shiny black.

The first two beetles eat mostly furniture, clothes whereas the last one loves to eat dry foods such as cereal oats, and some pet foods.

#2 How do they enter the home and what are the signs to prove that they exist in the place we live?

As they are the small creatures, they can enter our home easily through windows, rains, and air also. They love to live in a place where food is available in large amounts. These are the few signs with which we can come to know whether they exist in your house or not.

  • Damage to animal products such as feathers.
  • Damage to the leather furniture.
  • Damage to the photos, papers, and some books.
  • Damage in the carpets or rugs made of fiber.
  • It will take around 15-20 days to find the carpet beetle at home.

#3 How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles: 6 Ways

#1 Clean the surface with the vacuum cleaners:

Make use of the home carpet cleaners to clean the surface and make sure that the place is not wet or else they put eggs. Use top rated carpet cleaners such as Dyson Cyclone V10-Cord Free Vaccum Cleaner, and Euroclean Steam Vaccum Cleaner to clean the furniture, rugs, and some parts of the house. Use professional carpet cleaners such as Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner which is available in several shopping centers to clean the house.

#2 Use Boric Acid Powder:

Boric Acid Powder acts like medicine which kills the carpet beetles. Spray them at all corners and make sure that the pet animals are kept aside while spraying this. Within just half an hour all beetles will die by spraying boric acid powder. Also, spray the boric acid at the rug cleaner and clean the house once. It is recommended to use cheap carpet cleaners as the boric acid may affect its surface. Small carpet cleaners are cheap and work effectively.

#3 Get rid of the infested clothes:

If in case you find any cloth damaged by the rug beetles throw it away, don’t try to wash it and reuse. If you found getting the blood out of the carpet cleaner at the time of cleaning remove the carpet and throw it away. Don’t put any infested cloth in the house it may consist of the eggs of the carpet beetle.

#4 Wash Stains:

We often notice stains in a place such as coffee, blood, pickle, and curries. We also might have observed Coffee Stains on Carpet, remove them by using a vacuum cleaner. Getting Blood out of Carpet Cleaners by washing it. If you notice any stains on the machines, cushion covers, and curtains wash them with the hot water by using a detergent or use a steam cleaner.

#5 Remove Infested Food:

Check every part of the kitchen and in case if you find any food spoiled crush it.

#6 Release harmful pest killers:

Place insect traps at the affected place so that they won’t come back. Pheromone glue acts as a catalyst in finding the rug beetles.

These are the steps which we have to follow to get rid of the rug beetles. Clean the house regularly and make sure that the entry of our legends rug beetles won’t take place.

#4 Conclusion:

With this, we sum up our article. It is all about How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles. Hopefully, the article was helpful. In case of any doubts, or queries, ask it using the comment section below. And yes, if you have any other solutions, then also share it with other users and us. Thank you for reading!

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles?
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