Best Way to Clean Carpet at Home


Carpets add to the beauty and decor of the house making the living room more lively and subtle. Now-a- days different textured and patterned carpets are increasing in demand. They are now sorted as not only carpets but even as rugs, kilims and durries.

Best Way to Clean Carpet at Home

Best Way to Clean Carpet at HomeA living room is a place to relax and socialize with people so it should have unique items of furniture, antiques, lamps, show pieces, carpets. Carpets have been widely used since olden days for sitting or decorating the main entrance of the houses. So it becomes vulnerable to being dirty by mud, pets, children, hairs. Initially people used to wash these carpets and dry it in the sun, but slowly it changed to vacuum cleaners which by means of suction used to remove all the dirt. In recent times carpet cleaning machines have given another means to clean and refresh your carpets.


“How to clean carpet yourself” is a big question asked by lot of people while buying carpets and rugs. The stains and spills on the light shaded carpets can destroy your mood as well as peace of mind. The beautiful hues of the carpets can be spoiled by coffee stains, colors or parties. It is tough to remove the stubborn stains but there are some ways to clean them.

One of the widely accepted ways is the use of vinegar coupled with detergent solution, and then blotting with a dry and clean cloth. The coffee or tea stains can be removed with the help of beer which can be slightly poured over it and then rubbed with a cloth. The stains can also be eradicated through the use of ammonia solution mixed with double the quantity of water. For darker stains you can mix two tablespoons of salt in ½ cup of vinegar with two tablespoons of borax mixture. Shaving cream also works well on grease and fruit juice stains. Ink stains are a menace to the carpets so they can also be removed by mixing a paste of corn starch and milk on to the stains and letting it dry for some time. The residues can be vacuumed and subsequently removed. If the stain is of unknown nature then you can use 3 percentage of hydrogen peroxide with a little of toothpaste and rubbing it on the stain. Ice cubes and dry cleaning agents can be used for removing stains and spills. Paint removers are another reagents used for removal of hard stains.

The stains can also be removed with the help of carpet cleaners which work on a push pull technique.

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Bissell is a renowned company which makes highly acclaimed carpet cleaners. Bissell carpet cleaners are of different types like Bissell pet carpet cleaner, Bissell spot cleaner, and Bissell steam carpet cleaner. Bissell Pet carpet cleaner is one of the best cleaners which are used for removing pet odor, furs, hairs and pet stains from the carpet. On the other hand, Bissell spot cleaner is employed for clearing hard stains and spots from places where it is hard to reach and difficult to clean. Bissell Steam Carpet Cleaner is also an effective carpet cleaner for reaching out to small areas and cleaning dirt, mud and stubborn stains.

To clean the Bissell Pet Carpet Cleaner, use a Bissell Deep Clean + Antibacterial solutions in the
tank according to the prescribed limits of the user manual and perform the rinsing actions.


Hoover is another company which makes one of the most efficient and affordable carpet cleaners. It eliminates all the deep stains and dirt and has specialized features with a fast drying time. Hoover Carpet Cleaners have to be cleaned in the following way:

  • Firstly, switch off the power and unplug it. There is a small button at the front of the handle which connects the solution tank to the machine.
  • The second tank which is the recovery tank on the opposite side also has to be removed.
  • Both the tanks are rinsed with warm water and cleaned.
  • The nozzle and the cleaner head are sponged with a damp cloth.
  • There are two brushes present which is cleansed under cold water so as to remove the dirt and debris collected during its use.

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There are lots of carpets cleaning machines which work in different ways to remove these stains. Some of them are light weight, affordable, working in two directions as well covering larger carpet areas. If we compare the Best Carpet Cleaners Review by those who have been using, it will be evident that Bissell Big Green has lot of features which overpowers the other brands of carpet cleaners. Its two way motion and compatibility has made it a popular choice. Carpet cleaners are very important in today’s world as they reduce the time and work load of cleaning the difficult areas and the stubborn stains. A large variety of carpet cleaners with different modes and features are available and you can pick the one which matches your requirements and is cost effective.

Best Steam Carpet Cleaners are being widely used by working class of people who can devote just half an hour for cleansing of the stains and marks. People having regular parties at their homes have become quite relaxed with these new inventions of technology and can enjoy with children without having any fear of destroying their favorite carpets, walls, rugs or durries. The woven or embroidered carpets can also be cleaned with these carpet cleaners as they are safe to use without affecting its weaving. Markets are loaded with variety of cleaning and antibacterial solutions and are carpet cleaner friendly too. Regular cleaning of the machine and its parts along with oiling can help to reduce the wear and tear and can be kept in a better condition for quite a long time. These unique devices have assisted in keeping the beautiful textured carpets in a proper condition.

Best Way to Clean Carpet at Home
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